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Adopting Whole-Wheat Flour Bread As a Staple Diet Can Be Healthy And Nutritious

Mr. Amrinder Singh , Director, Bonn Group of Industries

With a plethora of modern diets vying for the attention of the health conscious consumer, people are turning to whole wheat breads as healthy foods and adopting them as their staple breakfast dietapart from remaining a perennial snacking option. Hi-Fiber brown breads, Atta Breads and multigrain breads are the products which are now being recognized as healthy Breads. These healthy breads are made from whole-wheat flour containing high fiber content which is good for consumption.

Whole-Wheat Flour BreadRefined flour, out of which most white bread is made, leaves out the outer skincalled Bran from the wheat and hence deprives the consumers of crucial fiber required for good digestion. Fiber aids in digestion as well as elimination of waste from the body. Bread contains Vitamins B1 & B2 which areessential for physical growth and in extracting energy from food.

Making right choice while buying a bread is important. Moreover, choosing the right kind of low-fat stuffing for sandwich is also equally important; else ‘whole grain’ or ‘whole wheat’ written on the bread may not guarantee a healthy meal. Salads, soups, cups of tea and coffee are greatly enhanced by a snack with bread in it. Carbohydrates are an essential component of a good diet. They act as the fuel to keep your body running. Therefore, it is also important to optimize the Carb intake.

The flour that goes into freshly baked bread should be completely unprocessed. When looking for whole grain breads, one needs to check whether it contains enough fiber, vitamins and minerals so as to obtain all the vital nutrients in whole wheat, oats, rye or buckwheat, required for healthy digestion.BONN ensures that there is comprehensive variety for its consumers, from whole-wheat bran bread to BONN Hi-Fibre Brown Bread, Atta Bread and Multigrain Bread.Along with a wide range of breads to choose from, we have LA Americana Gourmet Product Range which contains no added preservatives and provide impeccable satisfaction to everyone’s individual tastes

With Bonn’s whole wheat breads Range, the company has given its customer a healthy option having variety of breads which aim to provide a combination of freshness, health and extravagant taste.

Today, breads are fortified with iron, calcium and other essential minerals. These breads can easily fulfil the requirements of a complete nutritious meal.

Bread has been man’s staple diet for over three millennia and even the ancient Egyptians consumed bread regularly around 1200 BCE.Bread has enabled man to survive harsh climatic changes, droughts, floods and long journeys. There is every reason to believe that bread has evolved as a category and plenty of advancement have been achieved over the years to make bread a healthy food option.


About Bonn Group of Industries

Bonn Group of Industries BONN is a quality driven FMCG Company which was founded more than three decades ago in 1985 by the visionary Mr. Manjit Singh. The brand ‘BONN’ has become synonymous with Bread & Bakery in many cities in North India where the company enjoys a dominant market share. The head office is based in Ludhiana. The Group produces a range of food products including Bread, Biscuits, Cakes, Rusk and Cookies that are sold in India and exported to about 55 countries in over three continents.

The company, the winner of National Award for Quality Products from the government of India, has certifications like HACCP by ‘DNV’ (a certificate body of Netherlands) and ISO 9001:2000 certifications by ‘DNV’. It is also approved by Bureau of Indian Standards and has also got BRC Certification.

The company has 11 manufacturing plants spread all over north India. The company is fully integrated having its own fleet of more than 400 trucks and an in-house setup for developing for packaging.

BONN Group is a pioneer in starting production of cookies on an industrial scale in India. The company is deemed to become the most preferred FMCG Food Brand with Pan-India presence in the near future with bread, biscuits, Cake, Rusk and other products.

The company forays into QSR business with LA Americana Burger, which focuses on enhancing the experience by offering authentic Americana Style Burgers. Company is rapidly expanding it LA Americana outlet base in Delhi NCR

Understanding the changing consumerism, the company has introduced La Americana Gourmet which comes with “NO ADDED Preservatives” targeting consumers looking for lifestyle food products.


About Mr. Amrinder Singh

Mr. Amrinder Singh , Director, Bonn Group of Industries At the young age of 25, Amrinder Singh got into the Bonn Group’s family business with a vision aimed at transforming the three-decade-old bakery into a facilitator of healthy eating habits. Armed with a degree in Business Science from Essex University and a Master’s in Global Business Marketing from Regent’s Business School, England, Amrinder brought a fresh youthful perspective to the veteran organization.

Amrinder is responsible for a youth oriented portfolio comprising of La Americana Biscuits, La Americana Gourmet and the La Americana Burger QSR Chain. Each of these products was launched after extensive market and consumer preference analysis. All of them have been well received by consumers. Amrinder’s focus on whole food grains for BONN’s line of bread, biscuits and cakes and his unique take on Indian zing, a conventionally western food staple, have won him many accolades in culinary circles across the industry.

Amrinder began by initiating up gradation processes in order to improve operational efficiency. His efforts have ensured that there is complete backward integration along the supply chain by the fact that BONN is the sole owner of all its factories, it’s packaging and even its fleet of 400 vehicles so that customers are guaranteed the freshest products every day.

He strongly believes in “Constant product innovation” and in adapting to the evolving tastes of consumers in their quest for a greener & healthier lifestyle. All new products of the Group essentially focus on two aspects — Health and Taste. Considerable investment and attention now go into product innovation seeking these two parameters.

Under Amrinder’s energetic leadership, Bonn has forayed into newer markets. The Group entered the Southern Indian market early in 2018 with a range of Biscuits under the brand “BONN” and “AMERICANA”.

There is also a version of premier biscuits that appears in small packages and is affordably priced so that everyone can participate in the modern nutritional revolution. All the five southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are now covered in Bonn’s southern push.

Now, the Group has been consistently focusing on exports to new countries abroad and its current overseas trade spans 50 countries spread across three continents.

Not only has Amrinder managed to consolidate Bonn’s existing markets but has also been instrumental in the Group’s expansion to the rest of the country’s markets. Leading business paper, the Economic Times has honored Amrinder’s contributions with a ‘Business Knight Award’ for his exemplary leadership, business acumen and meticulous innovations.

When Amrinder is not working, he is travelling and exploring new destinations. He is also extremely passionate about Table Tennis and Boxing.

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