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Promoting Safe Food in Central Government Departmental Canteens with trained Food Safety Supervisors

Promoting Safe Food in Central Government Departmental Canteens with trained Food Safety Supervisors

In a first of its kind initiative, FSSAI, conducted training for Food Safety Supervisors across various central government departmental canteens serving several thousand employees everyday. This training was part of FSSAIs recently launched SNF@Workplace (safe and nutritious food at workplace) initiative, which aims to educate people on safe and healthy diets and developing an overall ecosystem for safe and nutritious food in workplaces. It encourages employers to adopt a systematic approach to ensuring safe and wholesome food for their employees, both as a measure of employee welfare and to enhance workplace productivity. Snf@Workplace adopts a comprehensive approach, including specific measures that the workplace administration can take in order to create a system and an enabling environment to ensure food safety and nutrition for everyone at the workplace; specifying best practices and guidelines recommended for the canteen establishment to ensure that the food served in the workplace is safe and wholesome; and providing several important do’s and don’ts, useful tips and suggestions to empower employees to eat and stay healthy at the workplace by making informed choices about the food they consume.

Government, as one of the largest employers in the country adopted snf@workplace, with over 80 trainees from departmental canteens attending the training and capacity building workshop on Food Safety and Hygiene Practices. This was the first phase of training and the objective is to cover all departmental canteens over a period of time. The trainees were mobilized by the Training Partner (Green Food Consultancy) of FSSAI through D/o Personnel & Training (DoPT) and other Departments/Ministries for ensuring maximum participation. To ensure that all the Government Canteens are licensed/registered under the FSS Regulations, FSSAI also facilitated on-the-spot registration on the day of training and distributed Food Safety Display Boards to registered canteens.

The training program institutionalized for various Central Government departmental canteens and cafeterias is integrated under Food Safety Training & Certification (FoSTaC) program which aims to ensure that Food Business Operators have at least one trained & certified Food Safety Supervisor for every 25 food handlers or part thereof in each of their premises. The training program is being delivered by trained subject matter experts in association with Training Partners empaneled by FSSAI for this purpose.

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