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SLCM Applies for Patent for Real-time Monitoring of Quality Control Data in a Warehouse Management System

Sohan Lal Commodity Management

This will help in proper monitoring of the quality of commodities at all stages of the warehouse management operations

Ensure proper monitoring and health of commodity during the whole process

Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), India’s leading agri services solutions provider with operations across India & Myanmar has applied for a patent with the India Patent Office. The patent application titled “System and Method for Real-time Monitoring of Quality Control Data in a Warehouse Management System” describes system and method which would be used for real-time monitoring of quality control data in a warehouse management system.

The new artificial intelligence infused technology system and method allows syncing of data from a number of warehouse management subsystems located at different locations connected through a distributed computing network to the warehouse management system. This helps in proper monitoring of the quality of commodities at all stages of the warehouse management operations to ensure health of commodity during the whole process.

It also comprise of a portable means to manually input measured quality database on a number of characteristics in a real-time manner at different stages of warehouse management system thereby enabling a more systemised, and convenient system for quality control check of commodities at all stages of warehouse management.

Speaking on the development, SLCM Group CEO, Sandeep Sabharwal said, “We at SLCM are committed to foster and spearhead innovation in the warehousing sector as part of our endeavor to improve industry standards. This patent application contains everything you need to effectively monitor Quality Control Data in a Warehouse Management System. The inventions in this application will have a huge impact on warehousing management, it will ensure that there are no gaps in the warehouse management process which may lead to deterioration of commodities.”

SLCM has filed patent application in the past for delivering effective warehouse management services. The earlier patent is for its in-house developed scientific technology of storage, which is proven to reduce post-harvest loss for holders considerably, under the name of “Agri Reach”.

Agri Reach is a real time Process Management System, developed over a significant period. This system is agnostic to infrastructure, location, or crop to enhance efficiency and transparency. The efficacy of SLCM’s warehouse management system has been credited by FICCI with the potential to reduce India’s post-harvest losses of 10% to a minimal 0.5%. It has already become part of the standard operating procedure for all 2863 warehouses and 19 cold storages of the company across India.

SLCM has also introduced the latest in warehouse control technology such as biometrics, GPS tracking, real-time data capture through SAP etc. The technology has enabled a faster TAT and improved fidelity in the groups warehouses much to the delight of its valued clients.

About SLCM Group:

Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt. Ltd. (SLCM) is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 33000, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Agri-Logistics Group. The company is equipped with technology to offer storage and protection services for the entire range of agri-commodities. SLCM has been handling about 890 agriculture commodities including Rice, Wheat, Maize, Mustard, Pulses, Cotton, Barley, Bajra, Castor Seeds, Spices, etc. across India. As on 31st July 2018, SLCM manages a technology enabled network of more than 2863 warehouses and 19 cold storages pan India spread over 48.93 Mn sq. ft. area and a throughput of more than 686.60 Million MT. The Group has also applied for patenting this scientific technology of storage under the aegis of “AGRI REACH”. The efficacy of ‘AGRI REACH’ has been attested in a study conducted by industry body FICCI that found that storage losses could be reduced from 10 percent to a minimal 0.5 percent using AGRI REACH.

The Group also has a wholly owned NBFC in India christened as “Kissandhan” which has changed the paradigm of collateral financing by financing across diversified agri products whilst being agnostic to balance sheet of the borrower yet complying with the prudential norms of RBI.

In a short tenure, Kissandhan has already financed more than INR 1651.88 cr. for multiple commodities pan India. It has impacted about 361688 farmers till 31st July 2018.

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